Three take away trends for Autumn-Winter 2018

We recently made our annual foray to Interior Design show Decorex. Here’s an update on what we saw:

Screens and room dividers

Our lives seem to be becoming increasingly ‘open plan’. Flats are being developed with one large living space and many of us are opening up our houses in the same way.

But how to delineate where the eating area morphs to the sitting area? Or perhaps to deaden sound as it bounces around your lovely big space? Or even just to prevent that horrid draught on the back of your neck now that the temperature has dropped?

For all these issues and many more, a room divider or screen could be the answer. No longer the domain of the Carry On film, room dividers have gone upmarket. Different fabrics, textures, 3D panels, the possibilities are endless. And the potential to recover them when you redecorate or change your colour scheme means long term flexibility.


Grey is still very much with us. But the good news is that it’s starting to fade into the background a little. So Decorex was peppered with stylish but fun wallpapers – in animal prints, cartoon laundry room scenes or something a little more risqué! Also brightly coloured fabrics for curtains and cushions. And, a notable amount of beautiful bed linen in every colour and print imaginable. Which, in a neutral bedroom can completely change the look of things in a single shake of the duvet! Look out for the Winter and Christmas themes – from penguins to polar bears and santas to snowflakes.


It was also interesting to see skills like upholstery, metal working and working a loom in action. Since I started Furnishings Studio back in 1981 (goodness – where has that time gone?!) I’ve noticed a definite decline in people learning curtain making so it was fabulous to see these traditional skills and techniques showcased and valued once again. It’s notable how many people now ask about where fabrics are produced and show an interest in the designers and production process, so I really hope it’s the start of a renaissance for these professions.

I’ve always prided myself on keeping up to date with current styles by visiting events such as Decorex and I have longstanding relationships with a range of supplier and designers. So, I really am very well placed to offer advice and guidance. Click here to find out more about my consultancy service. The cost of which is fully refundable if you subsequently commission me to produce soft furnishings.

So, if you’d like to chat about how you could weave some of the 2018/19 trends into the soft furnishings in your home then please do get in touch.