Inside Out

Over the years more and more emphasise has been placed on creating comfortable outdoor areas to enjoy with our family and friends. Gone are the rigid deck chairs and wooden benches and in their place, large oversized sofas and corner units piled high with soft and fluffy cushions, accessorised with many a twinkling light and an abundance of candles!

And now in 2017, this is set to go up a gear even further when it comes to bringing the comfort of your home to your outdoor area with the introduction of curtains! Yes, you read that right – adding curtains to our outdoor areas is the next in uber cool outdoor living.

Curtain appeal

While you take a minute to digest the prospect of hanging a fresh pair of curtains over your gazebo – or even think of how you could create a curtain-lined wall, let me explain some of the benefits.

  • Shady moments – Curtains can add shade from the sun, which could provide a much-needed shelter on those warm summer days for both you and any children in your home;
  • Windy wonder – As with the sun, curtains can also offer protection from the wind, as well as any light showers that may pass over – and they are almost certain when it comes to a British Summer;
  • Cosy & classy – As well as offering practical benefits, there is also of course the element of design and picking the right pair of curtains, as well as soft furnishings can transform your outdoor area into an intimate cosy affair bursting with charm.

But if curtains are a step too far for transforming your outdoor area, you can still create a chic look with just a few soft furnishings and perfectly placed accessories. Think big fluffy cushions, soft chair covers, a basket of cosy blankets for colder nights, and a scattering of candles and solar lights.

Creature comforts

So how can you achieve the look without breaking the bank?

Picking the right textiles and fabrics will help you recreate the comfort and warmth usually felt indoors, and re-covering existing chair cushions can be an easy way to update any look. In addition, scatter cushions usually found indoors will also add depth. Whilst a few scented candles will give you a good helping of creature comforts usually enjoyed inside.

Oh … and don’t forget the curtains! Adding tab-top versions to an existing gazebo structure is a quick way to achieve 2017’s hottest trend that are easily removed in the winter months.

So … are you ready to start transforming your outdoor area?