Access our expert advice, skills and knowledge for just £250 + VAT
(fully refundable if you commission us to produce soft furnishings)

Every home, room and window is unique. Not only because people have different tastes but also because the property itself demands different treatments. Perhaps due to the way the light hits the room, how much space is available around the window, where radiators and furniture need to be placed or other considerations such as a difficult bay or oddly shaped room.

Expert help with the choice of curtains, blinds or shutters is always a good idea before making decisions. A beautifully handmade blind or pair of curtains is an investment, and, over the years, we’ve found that a little bit of time and thought prior to starting the project can really pay dividends.

This is particularly true if you are undergoing extension or alteration works. We’ve been contacted by several clients who have expanded their homes beautifully with wonderful bifold doors or Velux windows. But because prior consideration was not given to the practicalities they are now suffering with bleached worktops, faded furniture and faced with the prospect of eating their cornflakes in sunglasses because there’s not enough room around those bi-folds for curtains and they didn’t opt to put blinds in the glass.

But at Furnishing Studio we have over 30 years’ experience in making wonderful bespoke soft furnishings that will bring joy for many years to come. We know all that could possibly need to be known about curtain tracks, poles and blind fittings and we have a superb team of fitters.

We have worked confidently with home owners, builders and designers (sometimes all three on one project!) for many years and there are not many situations that we haven’t encountered.

So why not take advantage of our consultancy service? We will come to you and advise on the best soft furnishing solutions for your room – whether in its existing form or post extension. We will provide guidance on the colours, fabrics, styles and solutions that will best work in your home. And you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll end up with something that works. Both for now and the longer term.