I’m very excited to share with you Pantone’s colour trend predictions for spring 2017, which are usually spot on. In fact, last year one of their predictions – rose quartz – was seen almost everywhere from fashion and jewellery, to furniture and furnishings.

This year the tone of the top 10 is somewhat earthy and natural with a distinctly green feel, but it is the inclusion of three varieties of blue that most interested me as personally I feel that blue is the new grey when it comes to sprucing up your home in 2017.

In out of the cold

For the best part of 30 years’ blue has had a reputation as the cold fish of the colour palette and prone to fading.  But pairing it with more fashionable colours – such as the still popular greys, has really helped blue come into its own.

So, first up in our Blue Top Three is Pantone 14-4620 or Island Paradise. This vibrant pale turquoise would add a splash of freshness to most rooms, helping to give a light airy feel and a touch of the tropical beach

Next on the list is Pantone 19-4045 or Lapis Blue. This darker, more royal shade is bound to feature heavily on the catwalk this spring – Pantone palette predictions tend to pop up at many of the fashion weeks.

For the home, royal blues are great to use on a feature walls, or to inject splashes of colour with pillows, throws and coloured furniture. These darker shades are very fashionable at present and can provide a good contrast with pictures and artwork

Seas of change

And last, but by no means least, is Pantone 17-4123 or Niagara. Whether this has been named because of its water-like feel or because it aims to transport you away to a serene and calming atmosphere, this colour can be used in many ways as it is one of the subtler blues.

It looks fantastic with colours such as battleship grey alongside some eye-popping statement pieces, like oversized chandeliers or perhaps a prominent fireplace.  In fact, as you can see, I’m already showcasing this look in my own dining room – just call me a fashionista darling!

So, as spring begins to bloom why not turn those grey skies blue and transform your home with one of this year’s must have colours?