Blue and Green should never be seen? Nonsense!

It’s so nice to see the sun and to have the clocks move forward.  But it’s that time of year when it can often look much warmer out than it is and when the house gets chilly quite quickly once it loses the warmth of the sun.

But with so many of us now enjoying lovely bifold or patio doors we often have a space in our homes that has the advantages of garden views combined with the snug cosiness of the house.  And what better way to reflect that than by furnishing that space with fabrics, textures and decorations that bring the outside in and make the transition from garden to patio to house smooth and natural?

Which is why I simply won’t have it that blue and green should never be seen!  Green tones are a great way to bring the garden feel inside and splashes of blue (like the lovely skies we’ve been enjoying recently) are the ideal accompaniment.  In this example the cushions have all been covered in fabulous all-weather fabrics that can be used outside or indoors and won’t fade in the sunlight.  And while glass ceilings can be difficult to manage from a heat and light point of view we’ve also installed wonderful electric ceiling blinds to allow for a quick reaction to changes in temperature.  We’ve finished the space by adding some plants and pots for ‘garden atmosphere’.

The whole effect gives this seating area a welcoming feel and makes it an ideal place to perch.  Plus, the furniture can be easily moved to the patio if things really heat up and it’s all very easy to wipe clean  – but without having that plastic feel that leaves you needing to peel yourself off some garden furniture!

To find out more about bringing the colours and textures of outside in and making a smooth transition in your home from garden to house, why not get in touch?