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Furnishings Studio started trading a long time before websites came into our lives. However, this is the 4th. website which is now being expanded and refreshed so that we may continue to capture our markets’ interest. The full website should illustrate exactly what we can do to enhance your home or workplace according to your needs and preferences. Furnishings Studio will be offering more consulting services in the future.

Creative Outdoor Furnishings

Inside Out

Over the years more and more emphasise has been placed on creating comfortable outdoor areas to enjoy with our family and friends. Gone are the rigid deck chairs and wooden benches and in their place, large oversized sofas and corner units piled high with soft and fluffy cushions, accessorised with

Interior Design

A Taste of the Tropic

          Spring has well and truly sprung and the sweet smell of warm sunny days can be sensed on the horizon. And with this comes the need for many of us to start injecting this warmth into our home. Tropical trends have long been the go to design for



  I'm very excited to share with you Pantone's colour trend predictions for spring 2017, which are usually spot on. In fact, last year one of their predictions - rose quartz - was seen almost everywhere from fashion and jewellery, to furniture and furnishings. This year the tone of th

Interior Design

Stairway to Heaven

  A good sized window on the staircase can turn a dark and sometimes dingy space into a light-filled entrance to your home.  Add in some fabulous window dressing and you've got a wonderful first impression for visitors. But these hall windows are difficult to get to - which can make

Interior Design

The Return Of The Avocado Bathroom Suite

I had a fantastic trip to the Decorex, the Interior Design Exhibition this week and thought it might be useful to do a quick update on some of the fabulous things I saw and the new trends that will doubtless be winging their way into our homes very soon. First up, contrasting upholstery. This