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Furnishings Studio started trading a long time before websites came into our lives. However, this is the 4th. website which is now being expanded and refreshed so that we may continue to capture our markets’ interest. The full website should illustrate exactly what we can do to enhance your home or workplace according to your needs and preferences. Furnishings Studio will be offering more consulting services in the future.


Has Elephant’s breath had it’s day?

Time was that it seemed like the whole of London was painted in Farrow and Ball’s famous shade of grey.  Or a variation of it. But if our recent trip to interior design exhibition, Decorex, is anything to go on, then things have taken a definite turn towards the dark side.  Because charcoal i


Blue and Green should never be seen? Nonsense!

Interior Design

Three take away trends for Autumn-Winter 2018

We recently made our annual foray to Interior Design show Decorex. Here’s an update on what we saw: Screens and room dividers Our lives seem to be becoming increasingly ‘open plan’. Flats are being developed with one large living space and many of us are opening up our

Interior Design


Windows …. The feature of many a home, but essentially just a hole in the wall. However, with the right covering these holes can be transformed to make a better-looking feature of any room, as well as provide many other benefits including, privacy and sunlight control.      

Creative Outdoor Furnishings

Inside Out

Over the years more and more emphasise has been placed on creating comfortable outdoor areas to enjoy with our family and friends. Gone are the rigid deck chairs and wooden benches and in their place, large oversized sofas and corner units piled high with soft and fluffy cushions, accessorised with



  I'm very excited to share with you Pantone's colour trend predictions for spring 2017, which are usually spot on. In f