A Taste of the Tropic






Spring has well and truly sprung and the sweet smell of warm sunny days can be sensed on the horizon. And with this comes the need for many of us to start injecting this warmth into our home.

Tropical trends have long been the go to design for injecting warmth into our home. Bright coloured paint either as a feature wall or a complete overhaul, alongside funky fabrics and perfect patterns to adorn the walls and furnishings.

But how? And in what way can I use these trends?

Colour injection

Well, there are indeed many ways in which you could bring a taste of the tropic to your home and garden this summer, such as an injection of bright colours or the inclusion of some tropical animal or bird prints in your furnishings.

Maybe there is a wall or a chimney breast in your living room that would be the ideal canvas for creating a feature wall. Choose a bright coloured paint to lift the room and make it the focal point as you enter. Or if a fluorescent wall isn’t your thing, maybe a tropical-inspired wallpaper?

However, if you don’t want to go full on flamingo on your feature wall, with matching curtains and cushions you could just opt for the latter and add splashes of this tasty tropic trend to your home.

Print perfection

Like a splash of coloured paint, a bright and bold print can add just as much colour to a room that is lacking this, whilst an uber cool animal print can add a chic edge and a modern twist on an old favourite. The choice is yours. And there is a striking selection to choose from.

On another note, tropical trends do not need to be confined to the inside of your home, and with the current trend for bringing the indoors out, you could even brighten up your outdoor spaces with some sub-tropical scatter cushions, or update your chair cushions with a bright and bold bird print.

So what are you waiting for ….